Polysilicon prices will drop this year 40-45 USD

With Japan's Tokuyama, the United States MEMC and Hemlock, Germany Wacker and other international companies, a new polysilicon production capacity since the second quarter in succession after the opening, coupled with the continued expansion of domestic firms, so that has been faced with excess supply of polycrystalline silicon prices have continued to decline, the semiconductor and solar silicon prices have also re-used to face price pressure.

Some experts point out that Japan's Tokuyama new 3,000 tons of polysilicon has been in mass production this quarter, MEMC will increase this year, 3,000 tons of production capacity, Hemlock will be out this year, 7,000 tonnes of new capacity. In addition, the German maker of polysilicon construction production capacity of 10,000 tons is also out in the second half, coupled with China's largest polysilicon plant expansion last year, an annual output of 4,500 tons last year to increase by the end of the year so far 10,000 tons of polysilicon supply market excess pressure will become even more serious.

Clearing the first quarter down 12-inch silicon wafer semiconductor prices per one hundred U.S. dollars to the 20 percent in the second quarter as the semiconductor factory demand, fell 10% to 90 U.S. dollars, as the major semiconductor factory in the middle of the year on the Stock security level to drop to below the expected price in the third quarter is expected to 90 U.S. dollars in the same.

As for solar energy use per kilogram price of polysilicon in the first quarter falling 40% to 90 U.S. dollars, the spot price of the end of 5 months has dropped to 65 U.S. dollars and then, a drop of about 28%. Supply as the market continued to open up, but not the resumption of demand, so the industry may be forecast in the third quarter fell 23 percent to 50 U.S. dollars, may be dropped at the end of 40-45 U.S. dollars in cash the cost of the polysilicon plant before they occur signs stabilized.

Source: windosi.com May. 27, 2009